I don’t know what you believe, but I believe that we are born perfect, we come into this world as pure souls with a mind of curiosity, of wonder, of creativity and with no limits at all on who we are, who we can be or what we can do.


‘The world is our playground and there are no limits’

I mean seriously, kids come up with the craziest stuff, they play, they dream, they can create in their mind anything and everything. We might call it crazy, but I actually think this is how we should be; perhaps we as adults are the crazy ones? We limit our lives in so many ways and squash our imagination into what we are supposed to do and be in this world. I heard a while ago that adults are just deteriorated children and I believe that is completely true.

Don’t you just find being around kids in their playful nature just lifts your spirits? My little girl is such a joy to be around in every moment, the stuff she comes up with and the curiosity she expresses in everything and the pure delight she shows in even the smallest things is so beautiful.

Why does it lift

our spirits? Is it because it reminds us of what life is supposed to be like, that through them even for a moment we feel free again and spirit can just be set loose to play and dream and explore.

But here is what starts to happen:


  • Kids get older and they have to become more proper, they get told to stop acting like a child and to grow up and a layer of expectations slip over their spirit.
  • We tell them to behave themselves and to be a good boy or girl and another layer slips over that playfulness and cheekiness.
  • Then they go to school and now they have to wear the same uniform so everyone fits in, they have to colour within the lines and stand in line and do what they are told, and another layer gets added on top.
  • They are graded as right or wrong, good or bad according to a set of standards and rules a group of people set, and if they are round and don’t fit into this square box, then often they are labelled as a problem child, not smart, learning disabled and another layer goes on top.


Layer after layer goes over this pure little spirit and slowly but surely often that playfulness goes out, the curiosity disappears and the imagination gets suppressed. They form beliefs about who they are and what they are capable of and especially what they are not capable of. Now these imaginative free kids are called adults who are proper, behave themselves, get a job, work hard, pay taxes and be good citizens.

It makes me feel sad writing

this. I think about it and recognise it in myself in the past and I am sure you can too and remember the things that were said to us and the experiences we have had and the things we were taught which were all just layers on the possibility of life and all of a sudden we are now where we are.

Now this is not good or bad, life might be amazing for you and continually improving, but are you experiencing the pure joy and delight kids do? Do you still have that curiosity and wonder about the world in which we live in, is our spirit free or do we still have some shackles on.

However what would life be like if we just for a moment forgot that we were responsible adults and we can began to recapture some of that innocence and layer-free purity?

  • ‘What if we realised that there are no limits except the limits we put on our lives and ourselves and on the lives of others around our kids and us?’
  • ‘What if we knew that life was supposed to be about love and joy and discovery and playfulness?’
  • ‘What if we remember to find the pure delight and happiness in even the smallest thing like a sunny day or a smile or a cuddle or a flower?’
  • ‘What if we were just grateful for being alive and having the gift of life and having the opportunities we do to be, do, have and create anything we want?’

Our kids in our lives are here to teach us just as much as we are to them. As an adult, the most important thing we can do is to remember to be more child like. I think this is one of the

keys to a happy and successful life.

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