• Kiran Minajagi

    Got a call from my solicitor and she advised that settlement has gone through just now for the property in Wakerley and she will be completing all the formalities now.

    I am so excited!!!

    This wouldn’t have been possible without your help and guidance.
    One step closure to the end game.
    A BIG ‘Thank you’ to you
    You have changed my life in a big way not only because of property but the whole mental shift that is happening.

    I have already got tenent in place who has signed the lease and also paid two weeks rent in advance as well.
    Tenency will commence from 21st Dec!!!!

    This is EPIC!!!! I have no words!
    Not only bought a property while construction on other property is going on but it also rented out!!!

  • Sanders

    I need to start investing.

    If I hadn’t met Todd, I wouldn’t have done that by myself.

    Those three properties have since done very well for me, and one in particular has grown substantially in value.

  • Atheena Howson

    Hi Todd. How are you? How’s your Friday going so far? I’d just like to say THANK you once again for the great value that you gave on last night’s webinar. Much appreciated! You sounded so PASSIONATE to top it off with high energy with what you do and teach to help people take charge of their financial life! You INSPIRE me and I LOVE what you do! They need more people like you in this world to make an impact! Keep up the AWESOMENESS and GREATNESS in you! You’re a CHAMPION in my eyes!

    I am really looking forward in seeing you in July in Sydney! I am bringing my husband along! I am so grateful and happy that I came across your ad on Facebook. It was something that I needed and the universe presented it to me!

    Have a wonderful Friday and an even more so AWESOME weekend ahead. Take care and more success, happiness and abundance to you and your family!

  • Alice and Ben

  • Alberto Da Grava, Sydney

    Being coached by Todd has enhanced every area of my life. Spending time with him has allowed me to become aware of my potential, shown me the way that it’s possible to achieve my dreams and most importantly provided me with tools, routines and habits that are positively impacting my life and are the most useful asset I will continue to use in my future to achieve anything I want. Todd is an inspiring, motivating and eye opening dude that can help you uncover your real you.”

  • Raj Logan

    I began working with Todd a little over 12 months ago now and in that time have purchased 4 properties in only 4 months in good quality areas and will generate $25,000 in positive cashflow from day 1.  I now have the foundation of a quality portfolio and a strategy to take it to the next level to create financial freedom for my family and myself. I truly feel in control of my financial destiny for the first time and have already referred several of my friends to begin working with Todd and his team. If you have a chance to work with him, take it! That is all I can say.

  • Janet Testaz, Health Coach

    Since I have had Todd as a coach, my partner and I have purchased our 3rd investment property, which made $82k in equity within 12 months. We are now on our 4th and 5th deal moving onto building a duplex.

    Todd is an amazing coach who now part of my team helping me achieve my best and create a life I want. He isn’t just a coach who teaches me how to make money through property. He is wealth coach who helps me step things up so that I am creating a life that is wealthy and abundant all aspects.

    I have undergone some massive personal growth of my own in the last few years. A huge part of this is due to Todd pushing me to grow in my own personal development. Part of this journey was when I was made redundant from my job last year . I realised that I wanted to start my own business . I wanted to do something I really loved. Todd totally supported me in my decision and has been there throughout the whole process. I don’t think I would have had the guts to do this if it wasn’t for his support.

    Todd is also is a big advocate on mindset and I have learnt about how important this is which has really helped not only to grow my property portfolio but to expand and thrive in my whole life.

    Janet Testaz

    Eco Love – Body Mind Earth

  • Danny P. – Marketing Manager

    I heard Todd speak early last year and immediately knew I had to work with him. He was from Queensland like me and we were of similar ages. I had been developing an interest in property, the stockmarket, business and building wealth reading Robert Kiyasaki, Bob Proctor and other similar books and was looking for a mentor that could help me forge a path to financial freedom. Todd not only talked the talk but was actively pursuing a similar goal to me; just 10 steps ahead. It was really helpful having a mentor that could help guide me on the right steps to take and how to focus my time and energy. A lot of painful lessons were averted and time and money saved through his coaching. I truly believe I will reach my goal much faster through his valuable input and thank him for it.

    Daniel P.

  • Thomas Mai

    I just wanted to say thank you for a great and inspiring seminar 15 August in Sydney.

    I have been to many similar events but yours was the only one that made sense by providing massive amounts of value as opposed to dangle a bit of information and then try and sell a program/book/investment deal.

    I really like how you operate, I speak for a living, so I am very critical of body language, tonality and words but you had me the whole way through.

    Thomas Mai

  • Brent Carryer Testimonial

    Hi Todd,

    Just a quick note to say awesome session tonight at Mentoring – thank you for organising and giving what you did.  You rock!

    In gratitude,



  • Kavitha testimonial

    The goals setting workshop in my opinion is a total game changer. I’ve always had a vague vision of my life should look like in 5 or 10 years, but as time passed the visions remained just that, a vision and a pipe dream. Todd’s goal setting workshop has really assisted me in identifying my true life passion and from there on set clear measurable targets in achieving my goals. And best of all? His workshop and methods are really simple to follow. Having and following a goals list has made me achieve numerous targets in my life just in this past year alone, be it financial, personal or career wise. I’d recommend this workshop to anyone else in a heartbeat.


  • Shanta, Jeff & Lily, Avalon, NSW

    If you need real investment, coaching & life direction that works and effective implementation join Todds mentoring team! My family did and through a short 12 month period he has shown us how to change our lives. Not only with 2 investment properties under our belt but more importantly a psychological shift for the better. Providing accountability and encouragement with implementing goals, financial structuring & positive mind set changes. Embracing our continuous education and self-improvement, Todd, his crew and his contacts are just invaluable.
    Todd and his team are not just a property investment vehicle but reinforcement of mindset shift. We attend the bi-monthly gatherings they arrange which surround you with like-minded and motivated people. When you decide to invest in your life, the outcomes will be positive and I can’t thank Todd enough for assisting us onto the track we are on today…its more than a track it’s our golden highway/future!

  • Wai and Jen, Life Coach

    I first met Todd a little more than a year ago now and I must say our lives are a lot different now. There is no more of the self-doubt and uncertainties, which plagued my life. He made us see that we control our lives and that we can achieve better results by strategic planning and actually following the plans that we have set.

    We have now purchased 3 properties in 12months and I am now leaving my safe, cushy, paid corporate job to follow my passion in life.
    To me he is not just my coach but also a friend who I can count on.

  • Ben Neldner

    Todd and I have been friends over 7 years. In that time I’ve watched him grow from a uni student / personal trainer into a successful entrepreneur / investor / speaker / wealth coach. Todd is a guy of integrity and an open book of how he has created his success. He has helped me break belief systems about money that I’ve inherited through out my life and has guided me on my journey to investment success. Todd is a passionate guy whose keen outlook on life and various investments strategies really is contagious. He’s taught me to take control of my finances and to be accountable to myself, rather than just float down the river of life hoping that I end up somewhere desirable. If ever you have the chance to go see Todd Speak, I highly recommend it, it will be time well invested.

  • Dave Parker

    Thank you so much for your coffee shop session yesterday….it was brilliant, inspiring and so helpful…..I really appreciate you giving up your Saturday morning to share with us all. I have already made some changes to my weekly budget to create extra cashflow from what you have shared.

    Kim was even sharing with friends last night about the exciting journey she is on with our investments and what she has been learning. You are making a difference……thank you

  • Dwight Horiuchi

    This email is my great chance to THANK YOU for these two fantastic years you have being my coach, I can’t put into words how much you have helped me grow as a man, as a father to my beautiful girls but best of all allowing me to see that anything is possible, that anything is achievable if you set yourself the goal.

    I now have the tools, the self believe and the desire I have gained in these two years working with you, you have been a great coach Todd, a great friend who I could speak to when my health began deteriorating and even a shoulder to cry on when my relationship ended last year.

    With nothing left to say but THANK YOU, promise to keep working on making the dreams for my little girls future a reality, bit by bit. Wealth begins on the inside!!! and I feel very rich. Take care mate, all the best for you and your family.

  • Beata & Wayne

    Hi Todd. Today was probably the one most important learning experiences I had since signing up with PRE 6 or so years ago.

    Wayne and I just spent the last 5 hours (no kidding, not getting up off the seat) putting in the numbers to three of our properties. We will do the next 2 for the superfund when we have more details. We are so looking forward to our next mentoring one-on-one meeting with you, to see what other strategies we can apply to our wealth creation for Financial Freedom.

    I am incredibly grateful thank you. Amazing information and your calm caring attitude and genuine approach makes it a blessing.

    We both thank you so much.
    Beata & Wayne