• Janet Testaz, Health Coach

    Since I have had Todd as a coach, my partner and I have purchased our 3rd investment property, which made $82k in equity within 12 months. We are now on our 4th and 5th deal moving onto building a duplex.

    Todd is an amazing coach who now part of my team helping me achieve my best and create a life I want. He isn’t just a coach who teaches me how to make money through property. He is wealth coach who helps me step things up so that I am creating a life that is wealthy and abundant all aspects.

    I have undergone some massive personal growth of my own in the last few years. A huge part of this is due to Todd pushing me to grow in my own personal development. Part of this journey was when I was made redundant from my job last year . I realised that I wanted to start my own business . I wanted to do something I really loved. Todd totally supported me in my decision and has been there throughout the whole process. I don’t think I would have had the guts to do this if it wasn’t for his support.

    Todd is also is a big advocate on mindset and I have learnt about how important this is which has really helped not only to grow my property portfolio but to expand and thrive in my whole life.

    Janet Testaz

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