• Atheena Howson

    Hi Todd. How are you? How’s your Friday going so far? I’d just like to say THANK you once again for the great value that you gave on last night’s webinar. Much appreciated! You sounded so PASSIONATE to top it off with high energy with what you do and teach to help people take charge of their financial life! You INSPIRE me and I LOVE what you do! They need more people like you in this world to make an impact! Keep up the AWESOMENESS and GREATNESS in you! You’re a CHAMPION in my eyes!

    I am really looking forward in seeing you in July in Sydney! I am bringing my husband along! I am so grateful and happy that I came across your ad on Facebook. It was something that I needed and the universe presented it to me!

    Have a wonderful Friday and an even more so AWESOME weekend ahead. Take care and more success, happiness and abundance to you and your family!