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Forming new habits

According to studies from the University of London, it takes 66 days to create a new habit. For some people it may be more, and some less – but you have to commit to implementing your new habit and work at it for 66 days minimum. It will take effort, because you are changing an old well-worn in habit and installing a new behaviour pattern into your life and into your very identity of who you are. Once you do it often and consistently enough, ultimately your brain re-wires itself and says “ahh…this is obviously important to us, this is obviously a part of who we are – let’s make it easier on ourselves and automate it and let it form part of our identity”.

The conscious behaviour pattern then moves from the decision making prefrontal cortex and moves into becoming an unconscious routine in the basal ganglia in our brains and is now part of who we are and our identity. Now it stops being such an effort to act as if, because it is just you and you have raised your standards in your life consciously to be more, do more and create more out of life and that is a gorgeous thing to realize and truly know that you can do for your life and guess what if it works once, it will work many times over.

But just as important as it is to create a new set of empowering habits is for us to minimize the impact of some of our not so great ones which hold us back in life if we allow them too, and yes well all have them. The first step is to identify that they are being 1000% honest with ourselves and how they are impacting us in life and then to design a pattern to interrupt for when we find ourselves falling into them. You can do this in many ways but one of the most effective I have found is to set alarms on my phone which go off every 90 minutes which ask me a question such as “what are you doing right now?” or “are you being busy or productive?” or “what would my highest self be doing right now?”. Sometimes they pop up and all I want to do is swear at them because they caught me out when I have fallen into some old patterns of behaviour or have gotten distracted by something or am procrastinating on something I really don’t want to do but know is important. But after I have my little moment, I know I am grateful to be pulled back on the pathway that I should be following at that time.

So first things first, it is time to question everything you do on a consistent basis and don’t just let it happen on the unconscious level. Bring every action back into your conscious mind and ask yourself the question:


You may find that some of your current habits might be awesome and can stay exactly as they are. Winning! You are on track. Some might be holding you back and they need to be replaced by a better quality habit which is more in alignment with the standards you hold for your life. Whereas, some might need to be fine-tuned or tweaked so you can get the best out of them. As you re-design your habits consistently ask yourself: ‘If I was committed to being my best self every day, what would I do in this situation?’ If you are not quite sure what might be some extremely empowering habits for you then mentors are great for this. Find someone who is achieving and creating the results that you want in your life and be extremely curious about their daily habits and how they approach many situations in life.

Staying on track by re-designing your ecosystem

It is easy to talk about creating new habits and rather easy to begin a new habit, but the challenge is sticking to it until it becomes automatic for us and this is where to begin with not only do you need to have the discipline, but you also have to set yourself up to win in your environment. So while you are shifting from your old patterns of behaviour and implementing your new set of habits you need to constantly be reminding yourself of the new standard you are committing to and keep it in front of your face at all times. This is where you want to re-design the entire ecosystem and environment around you to support the new standard you are living by from this day forward.

For example, I set up anchors everywhere to remind me to always be living as my highest self. They can be quotes I have around my home, they could be notes I have on my desktop of the my computer, they might be paintings I have on the wall and my vision board I have created containing all of my goals and dreams. I have my personal ‘success bible’ with me at all times and I mean at all times. I even have a reminder that goes off every 3 hours on my phone with different messages to remind me of this and questions to ask myself – I do these and many other things consciously created to support who I am committed to becoming in order to bring the results I am committed to creating for my life.


Your ecosystem is one of those areas many people miss when it comes to creating the level of success you want in your life and in my opinion after working with thousands of people and from the experience of creating the results and success in my own life, it is one of the most important aspects and cannot be underestimated, but I will write another article on just the topic of ecosystems – so stay tuned for that.

To change your results in life, raise the standard of your daily habits and keep at it until those habits become a part of your very identity and being. Success is now no longer some crazy exhausting and scary climb up a seemingly impossible hill because success is now just a direct result of who you are as a person and how you show up in life.

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