How quick and easy is it to drop into a ‘default’ kind of life, a life based on what we are supposed to do. You know what I’m talking about don’t you.

Go to school, study hard, get a job, work hard to earn a living, and oh yeah, in the meantime, get married, have some kids, get a mortgage and buy your home in the suburbs and maybe have a nice car to go with it and then retire when you are 65 at which time you can now enjoy the ‘good life’.

Sound familiar. Now I’m not saying it is a bad thing, it can be an amazing life, but it is a default life, it is what everyone does and it is what each of us will fall into unless we consciously design and create something different.

How many of these people that fall into this default kind of life, actually want something far different, have dreamed of a different life, spoken about it, said one day I’ll do this or this will be us one day, but then have never taken any action towards it?

Lets say perhaps 99.9% of the population, or is that too conservative an estimate?

People spend more time planning a holiday than actually planning their lives, that’s a scary thought.


I sit down with hundreds of investors and every day people each and every year and honestly 90% plus of these people, just like you have dreams to be doing something very different with their lives, they know they have more untapped potential and hidden passions which they feel like they can never live out and it burrows into the back of their minds every minute of the day, and there are the other 10% of people who are truly doing what they love or are moving rapidly towards it on a daily basis and they have a totally different energy around them, a fire and an excitement for every single day.

So what is the difference between the people who are living their dream life and those who live by default and just talk, hope and say ‘oh they must be lucky’?

I think… no, actually I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, the difference is design, physically creating the time to dream their ultimate life, write it down and then make a plan to achieve it and then follow through. That is the difference, simple I know, but how many people do it? Perhaps 0.1%, now if you are reading this I’m hoping this 0.1% includes you, or if not yet, you are about to be included.

Here are some starting points to taking your life out of default and into design:



Learn to dream big again, like you did when you were a kid. It is Christmas time and you can have, do, be or go anywhere you want with whoever you want, whenever you want as often as you want. That is your criteria when designing your ultimate life.



Schedule time regularly to create, evaluate and carry out your life plans. One thing I really know is that if something is not scheduled, it does not happen. A magical life just does not happen out of the blue, a magical life comes about through taking time to plan and then taking consistent action towards its realization. This may be a weekly meeting with yourself which you schedule in a make non-negotiable in which you consciously spend time on reviewing your goals, dreams and what is great in your life and what can be improved.



Create step-by-step plan, which will take you ever closer to your ultimate outcome, write it down and take it with you everywhere and read it whenever you have a spare moment.




Truly one of the greatest things I ever heard is to do one thing every single day, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant working towards your goals. You will be amazed at how these little things add up and compound to create phenomenal results.



Ask yourself questions constantly. Is this goal still relevant to me today? Am I spending my time on things which really matter or am I doing what is fun and easy, rather than what is hard and necessary? How can I fast track this? Who can I help and who can help me?



Never, ever give up. Napoleon Hill, the author of think and grow rich, wrote ‘patience, passion and persistence is the path to success’. I couldn’t agree more! The most successful people kept going and going and going, like the energizer bunny and never gave up despite all of the obstacles, ‘failures’, nay sayers and every challenge along the way. This is exactly what you have to do if you truly want to be living your passions.

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