What to do when failure happens

You have already gone through part 1 of this getting past failure article, where we learnt that failure and the fear of failure is a mind game more than anything and to conquer failure is a change in belief systems. If you haven’t read the first part of this article, I strongly suggest you do that now.



All in your mind

However, there are definitely some tangible action steps you can take which will loosen you from fears grip. So, why not have a plan for dealing with failure when it happens in your life so you are prepared and organized to deal with it. Doing so will prevent your fear of failure from paralyzing you or leaving you sitting around telling yourself “I am a failure” and feeling unworthing and asking “Well, what do I do now?”. Here is how:

1. Learn from those who have failed before

I take great inspiration from the success and failures and journeys of other people and I love to read biographies about these people who have really achieved greatness. People like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, athletes, actors and I could go on and on. You will find that many have similar stories. You will find that almost every one of them will have stuffed up along the way and have failed, sometimes massively; but then you will also read how they got back up and went forward. Here is an important point:   Failure2

2. Where is the lesson?

In every failure, there is a great lesson to be taken from it. A great habit I have created in my life is that of journaling, which I learnt from the great Jim Rohn and every time I have stuffed something up in my life (and there has definitely been many of those) I have made sure I have written down my journey, how I am feeling and importantly what were the lessons and distinctions I could take from the experience. There are always some and that is valuable knowledge for us when we try again. I also found it valuable not just to record the lessons, but also to write down who I have become in the process of trying this and giving it an awesome go. How has it improved who I am as a person, my character and what new distinctions or skills I learnt along the way?


3. get up and go

It is easy to just want to sit down and wallow in our own self-pity for a while after failing at something and to just sit in the pain an even that can be useful sometimes, but it is so much more important to get up and do something to get going again. Don’t dwell in it. Keep the momentum moving in your life. They say that the most successful people in life fail faster and more frequently than others. So speed up your rate of failure if you want to become more successful, meaning have an agreement with yourself and a strategy or plan laid out that when it does happen, and it will, you are going to get up and move forward and being again in a more intelligent way, still totally committed to your ultimate vision and purpose. If you want to truly create an astonishing life for yourself and your loved ones, realise that this ‘failure’ is actually a great gift for you, and when you recognise and feel gratitude for that gift you then realise that there are no failures, that there are only experiences and in every experience thereis a lesson and a gift that we can take out of it and apply to our lives to go to the next level and that have become a better person because of it. I write this to show gratitude for all the failures of my past and all of the many failures I will have in the future, and by failures I of course mean gifts.

It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. – Eleanor Roosevelt

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