This is your opportunity to work with Todd exclusively and personally on a one-on-one basis for the next 90-days. Todd only takes on less than 15 individual clients a year internationally, so places are strictly limited. It is a challenge, a challenge to you to make your life something exceptional, something special, something of your design and making, rather than simply living out the default life you were given.


Todd helps people to break free from a cycle of fatigue and dissatisfaction in life to break through to a life designed by them according to what they have always dreamed of. He can do the same for you! In Todd’s program, personal development goes hand in hand with wealth creation strategy. A balanced life is central to what Todd teaches and lives out. Todd’s 90-Day One-to-One Coaching Challenge is an intensive training and his clients testify to its proven results.Here are some of the results that Todd’s clients have experienced in the past:

  • Gain total control over your finances and an increase in cashflow from $500-$2,000+ per month
  • Learn the tools, habits, and strategies for maximising your most valuable assets
  • Create a dramatic increase in net worth and build portfolios of over 10 properties worth over $12 million
  • Learn to treat your life and wealth as a business by leveraging your time and resources to maximise results
  • Increase your earning ability and get paid what you are really worth (20 to 100% increases in salaries). What would jumping from a $60k income to $80k income do for you? What about $90-$130k? What about $100k to $200k? Or more?
  • Gaining the courage, the systems, the direction and the means to start a side business or to even leave your jobs, and
  • Begin to truly live your dream of building and running your own business
  • Helping to discover your purpose and to begin living it
  • Learning to move past the blockages in your life which are holding you back
  • Learn the tools, habits and strategies for maximum success

How long have you been postponing your dreams for due to other ‘important’ priorities? When is it going to be the right time for you to take control of your life and stop making excuses? Todd can help you get out of that treadmill – if you are fully committed.

Will you be the one who will pursue
your dreams?

Todd takes on a maximum of 5 coaching clients at a time and works with people whom he knows he can create dramatic change in their lives. He works with those who are totally committed to taking action and following through.
In short, people who are committed, not just interested.

If yes, get yourself ready!

You will work with Todd on every part of your life from your finances and wealth, your health and vitality, your relationships, career, business, passions and purpose and how you can truly set up your life to win.

Todd’s coaching is a minimum commitment of 3 months with weekly meetings. You and Todd are going to be challenging many areas of your life, breaking and transforming old habits, creating new empowering beliefs, and implementing proven systems of success…

You will work with Todd on your wealth and finances and importantly, he will get you in momentum towards creating your dream life.

Your sessions will be a minimum of one hour but may take longer if Todd deems it to be suitable and necessary to do so to create the result within the session.

Throughout your coaching sessions, you will have his personal mobile number and also the resources of his team and his network to support you on your journey. Todd will be there to help you transform your life.



If this sounds like what you are after, then the next step is for us to arrange a 30-minute interview to ensure that you and Todd’s coaching program are a great fit. Todd’s team wants to be certain that the combination of things Todd offers are what you need to achieve the results you are truly after in your life.

  • Enter your full name, email address and contact details below.
  • You will then be taken through an online questionnaire where you will be asked very specific questions about what you want to achieve in life. (Answers to be kept confidential.)

If you are a match, Todd will personally schedule a welcome call to get you started on the program. Otherwise, we will also inform you that Todd’s program might not be the one for you.