Thanks for making your way here you amazing human beings. Those of you who know me, know that I am an educator at heart. I love to teach what I have learnt through many years of personal study and from what I have learnt from my mentors on what it really takes to change your life to make it incredible and to give yourself the freedom to follow your passions and to live a life unlimited by income. Real world education.


Often we will take our formal education for granted; I know I have and at times I will criticize some of the outdates practices and philosophies which still exist in our schooling systems in Australia and many other parts of the world, as in many cases our traditional schooling system does not prepare us to be successful in the real world. But we have the luxury to do that, school is just a normal part of our lives is expected for each and every one of us. For others however, having an education truly changes lives and truly can change the future of not only countless individuals, but countries. This is what I love about Room to Read I have had the privilege to have been involved with Positive Real Estate for many years now and in conjunction have seen 4 schools be completed through the contributions of our team and our clients and 3 more schools right now are being constructed through these same efforts. One in Nepal and two in Sri Lanka and there will be more projects to come; from publishing books for children to learn to read, to supporting girls through their schooling so they don’t get sold into slavery to changing the future of entire towns, it is a true passion of mine and something I am so grateful to be involved with and to be able to contribute to. Check out the progress so far:



Sri Lanka 1, 2

people Now coming back to wealth and creating a truly fulfilled life; here is something I know; the wealthiest and most successful people give back to the world in one-way shape or form and contribute to the betterness of others and believe that money and wealth is a continuous flowing river, which flows into and out of their lives to make a difference. I believe when we have so many opportunities to explore, design, take action and manifest into reality the life we truly desire, we have a duty and a privilege to be able to help others, and this is such a beautiful way to do it. This is in no way meant to be a guilt trip or anything like that, I am just telling you what I am truly passionate about and what I believe within every ounce of me. Take it or leave it for your own life. In life, find a cause you are passionate about and do your bit to make the world a better place even by some small action you can take whether that is by donation, your time, your network or your influence or by bringing people together or in whatever way you feel fit. I would love for your help in my chosen cause. You can even donate below: Have a read about Room to Read below and if you would like to find out more please go to and see the amazing works they do and lives they change:


About Room To Read

home-to-read Room to Read is a non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting and enabling education through programs focused on literacy and gender equality in education. The leaders behind the organization are the veterans of Goldman Sachs, Gap, Microsoft, Unilever, CARE, Nature Conservancy and the World Health Organization. They have taught in overseas locations ranging from Kuwait to Mongolia to South Korea, and have all spent considerable parts of their careers involved in international business and social causes. To ensure the success of the organization, they combine business principles from the private sector with best practices and industry-leading research from the nonprofit sector.



Here are Some Facts

children3 2/3 of the over 750 million illiterate people in the developing world are girls and women. What is the best long-term investment?– educating a girl. For every year a girl is educated beyond the average, her wages increased by 15% Room to Read has been operating since 2000 and has served over 8.8 million children. It aims to reach 10 million children by 2015. The organization is bound by a shared commitment to hiring and retaining a talented, passionate global team, maintaining financial and programmatic transparency, engaging in true partnerships with local communities to empower them to improve their situation, and being faithful stewards of donors’ investments in Room to Read.

Current Projects

In conjunction with Positive Real Estate we are helping Room to Read by raising funds for its Bardiya District, Nepal school project. The population of the area is 3,000. Large, traditional families remain the norm. The typical household consists of a family ranging in size from five to seven. The school will be constructed either from reinforced cement concrete (RCC) or stone and mud mortar and roofed with corrugated iron sheets. The new primary school building will be a single-story building with two rooms. Both rooms will be designated as classrooms. The new building will be built from brick and cement mortar, and roofed with corrugated galvanized iron (CGI) sheets. Each classroom will have large windows as well as ceilings of adequate height to ensure proper ventilation.

Proposed Community/School Contribution to the Project

The proposed community contribution to the project include the following:

  • Provision of locally available materials including sand, stone, gravel and wood
  • Unskilled labor for construction work
  • At least one teacher to manage the library
  • Community contribution of 40% of the total project cost
  • Proposed Room to Read Contribution to the Project
  • Construction materials including brick, steel rods and cement
  • Delivery of construction materials to project site
  • Skilled masons and carpenters for construction work

Room to Read will provide the following:

  • Community training in project management and construction techniques
  • Assistance in fundraising for Challenge Grant match
  • Collaboration with community on creation of building design
  • Technical support provided by Room to Read Engineer
  • Library furniture, books, library materials, and library management training
  • Room to Read contribution of 60% of the total project cost