It truly excites me when people find my site, but probably not for the reason you might think. I get excited because people only tend to find me when have made the decision to transform their lives and are searching for the knowledge, the inspiration, the tools and the strategies on how to take that desire and turn it into something real and that is what inspires me; the commitment to living an extraordinary life and not just the default life we are taught.



Over the last 13 years, my life has been dedicated to educating and empowering others across Australia and Internationally to discover, design and create the life they truly want to live. The life where you have the edge, the life where you are living your passions and are free financially, professionally and emotionally to experience everything you want in this world and to live life on your terms.

I hope it is ok if I am real and raw with you, because frankly that is just who I am, if that is cool with you…read on


Cool Stuff and Stuff Ups

I have seriously done some cool stuff in my life so far I have built 4 businesses and just exited my most recent one; I have spoken on stages of more than a thousand people and speak over 100 times a year, which as an educator at heart, I love. I have helped thousands of clients create some amazing results in their lives not only personally, but also in their health, in their professions and in their wealth. I am considered a thought leader in what I do and get to share what I believe and what I know to thousands of people a year and across a variety of media. I have played Judo for Australia and have had the opportunity to travel and do some crazy stuff with some amazing people. I am a proud father and husband and am truly living my passions and purpose.

To me there is no difference between my work and my play, it is all just one mission and it is freakin cool.

But Man, have I had some challenges and learning’s along the way! I’ve made a lot of money, then proceeded to send myself broke by age 25 before rebuilding my wealth again. I have failed in business before becoming successful and it hurt; I was a high performance athlete before injuring myself and putting me out of my loved sport of judo for over 5 years. I have stuffed up relationships and almost broken myself from working too much.
But you know, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world, as without every one of these experiences, no matter how painful at the time, I would not be who I am and where I am today or able to help others transform their own lives at the same level.




Our Whole Life

When I say transform lives, I really mean that; transform our whole life not just one part of it. As each part is intimately connected, just consider this….

Our health and vitality influences every thought and action we take and by living at our peak we can do more, accomplish more and be more.

Financial freedom should be our natural state where it gives us peace of mind, plus frees us in time and location to live life on our terms and follow our passions to live a life unlimited by income.

The relationships in our lives give us so much more juice and a smile, which seldom leaves our faces

When we live our passions and our purpose we feel in flow and cease to work and instead just live

All of this simply allows us to experience life at an even greater level and if any are lacking, you can almost be certain it is going to hold you back in other areas.

This has been a driving force for me in my own life – to create a whole life where no matter where I turned, life was awesome.


My career has seen me go from


Being a personal trainer and health coach


Going into property investing as a buyers agent, then into investment strategy coaching


Building a share trading Education Company teaching investors how to create more cashflow in their lives


Personally coaching clients to take their lives to the next level across all areas of life


Building a property investment education business with Positive Real Estate with a team of 10 other coaches, support team and property consultants around me where we coached, educated and guided our clients through buying well over 1,000 investment properties.


Being a sought after professional speaker on wealth psychology, wealth strategy, investing and life design.

All this has been infused along the way with a health dose of personal development and training where I have personally invested well over $100,000 in my own learning and development.




In my life, I have been blessed to have had some amazing mentors who have guided me on my journey and had a major influence in who I am today and the results I am life.

I would not be where I am in my life now if I did not have them and it is important to acknowledge them as part of my story, a massive thank you to

Andrew May – who taught me the massive value of time and productivity
Jason Whitton – As a mentor in many areas of my life and all round top bloke
Scott Harris – Someone who I modeled closely as a speaker and had the privilege to have him coach me in my personal life

Today, I take my experience and learning’s in every area of life and use them to help others take back control of their own lives to truly live the life of their dreams.

I can’t wait to meet you in person one day, until then start breaking some of the old ineffective rules of life and begin living life on your own terms.

Here is to the adventure called life




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