Hi Todd here. So glad you want to find out more about me. Without giving you a 200-page biography about everything I’ve done in life to date, I thought I’d pick out the key memories I have which may be useful for your own life. It’s like a “lessons learnt” dialogue that you can benefit from too!Onward…


I grew up in the Solomon Islands and moved to Australia at a very early here. For as long as I can remember, I always loved learning, but I wasn’t the “study” type, so I turned to sports at the time.

At the age of 4, I got thoroughly engaged in Judo (still am 25 years + later), and proudly represented Australia internationally. Thanks to competitive Judo, I learnt a lot about self-discipline, health, and more importantly – the value of mindset as it applies to getting results.

Mindset before Tactics

Following that, I took my success in Judo, served in the Australian Army, and became a personal trainer and health coach during my early 20’s. I figured what better way to earn a living than doing something you are passionate about, and so I started my health coaching business – Pinnacle Health!

Thanks to my passion for well-being, Pinnacle Health as a business thrived (so I thought) as I started coaching individuals and groups to deliver results in the finer aspects of; holistic health, fitness, and teamwork.

Align Your Vocation to Your Highest Values

Little did I know, but the application of mindset to the space of health, was to become a key foundation to the bigger thing called a wealthy lifestyle.


As much as my health coaching business grew, I was unfortunately working long hours whilst not really being compensated enough for the time and effort I put in.

So much that I was only sleeping 4 hours a night, regularly getting sick, and injuring myself physically (training Judo with little rest) to the extent that I literally couldn’t walk!

As you might have guessed, my relationships also went down in the pits and life wasn’t so thrilling from day to day. The business that was meant to give me the time freedom I wanted in life, had become a living nightmare.

How Did It All Go So Wrong???

Problem was – I was trying to run my business as an athlete not a businessman. So whilst the money was good, my time freedom was poor and the other areas of my life really suffered for it!

It’s the old tale of delivering value, but not leveraging your time

Thankfully, life gives you feedback when you stray a little from having a “vital lifestyle”. I experienced this as my emotional and physical condition started eroding heavily, until I woke up to the reality and slapped myself awake…

This was not the way to live a healthy and wealthy life.

I was so frustrated and sick of being on the treadmill of keeping everything afloat…I was motivated to find a better way. So I reached out to a few coaches and starting learning everything I could from others who had already paved the way to a healthy and wealthy life.

I learnt about how to run a business rather than working in it, how to accumulate wealth, investment strategies, and further coaching and development.

I would have invested close to $100,000 in personal development and training!

Was it worth reaching out? You bet’cha…


As I got clearer and clearer about what was important to my own life, things really took a turn for the better. I started investing in shares and property, and demonstrated a unique knack for investment strategy and generating positive cash flow.

And, as I started to play to my strengths, I was earning more from a single deal than I had ever earned in an entire year! So by the time I reached my mid-twenties (in the space of 3 years), I had created for myself, a multi-million dollar investment portfolio.

Play to Your Strengths – What a Concept!

Thanks to that, I even successfully created Real Share Traders, an investment education company that has provided cash-flow solutions to many investors Australia-wide.


I’m humbled to have had reached out and gotten the help from many mentors and coaches in the space of investing, personal growth and wealth psychology. Here are some of them:

  • Andrew May (Business Coach)
  • Jason Whitton (Owner of Positive Real Estate)
  • Scott Harris (Wealth mentor)

Without the help of these experts, I could have not have achieved the lasting success I have to date. And thanks to them, I’ve always had invested in continual learning and development in life.

Because if one things for certain, is that change is the only constant…what works for today, may not tomorrow, so you have to adapt!

As a personal growth enthusiast, I have also uncovered a common philosophy amongst wealthy and successful individuals which tends to be timeless! Here are some of them:

  • Success is about taking simple, consistent, and effective action over time.
  • There is no one size fits all approach to success, and it’s important to discover what works for you.
  • Focus on the process to success not the trophy.
  • Always keep learning!


Today, I’m taking my experience in life and helping others start living their version of a wealthy life too.

Look, money is great because it gives you choices in life. It’s there to support your life, just like how it sits in your wallet and you can choose to spend it when you want it, and how you want to.

But here’s the thing – Most people let money spend them, not the other way around.

My goal is to put the power back in your hands.

You see, true wealth is holistic, and it combines amazing health, amazing relationships and amazing finances. It’s about balancing these three elements effectively, so that you are moving towards a life you truly want to live.

If you haven’t already started on that journey, then I invite you to join me and be well on your way!

Take care,

Todd Polke

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