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  • Got a call from my solicitor and she advised that settlement has gone through just now for the property in Wakerley and she will be completing all the formalities now. I am so excited!!! This w... Read More

    Kiran Minajagi

  • I need to start investing. If I hadn’t met Todd, I wouldn’t have done that by myself. Those three properties have since done very well for me, and one in particular has grown substantially i... Read More


  • Hi Todd. How are you? How's your Friday going so far? I'd just like to say THANK you once again for the great value that you gave on last night's webinar. Much appreciated! You sounded so PASSIONATE t... Read More

    Atheena Howson

  • Being coached by Todd has enhanced every area of my life. Spending time with him has allowed me to become aware of my potential, shown me the way that it's possible to achieve my dreams and most impor... Read More

    Alberto Da Grava, Sydney

  • I began working with Todd a little over 12 months ago now and in that time have purchased 4 properties in only 4 months in good quality areas and will generate... Read More

    Raj Logan

  • Since I have had Todd as a coach, my partner and I have purchased our 3rd investment property, which made $82k in equity within 12 months. We are now on our 4th and 5th deal moving onto building a dup... Read More

    Janet Testaz, Health Coach

  • I heard Todd speak early last year and immediately knew I had to work with him. He was from Queensland like me and we were of similar ages. I had been developing an interest in property, the stockmark... Read More

    Danny P. - Marketing Manager

  • I just wanted to say thank you for a great and inspiring seminar 15 August in Sydney. I have been to many similar events but yours was the only one that made sense by providing massive amounts of v... Read More

    Thomas Mai

  • Hi Todd, Just a quick note to say awesome session tonight at Mentoring – thank you for organising and giving what you did.  You rock! In gratitude, Brent  ... Read More

    Brent Carryer Testimonial

  • The goals setting workshop in my opinion is a total game changer. I've always had a vague vision of my life should look like in 5 or 10 years, but as time passed the visions remained just that, a v... Read More

    Kavitha testimonial

  • If you need real investment, coaching & life direction that works and effective implementation join Todds mentoring team! My family did and through a short 12 month period he has shown us how to chang... Read More

    Shanta, Jeff & Lily, Avalon, NSW

  • I first met Todd a little more than a year ago now and I must say our lives are a lot different now. There is no more of the self-doubt and uncertainties, which plagued my life. He made us see that we... Read More

    Wai and Jen, Life Coach

  • Todd and I have been friends over 7 years. In that time I've watched him grow from a uni student / personal trainer into a successful entrepreneur / investor / speaker / wealth coach. Todd is a guy of... Read More

    Ben Neldner

  • Thank you so much for your coffee shop session was brilliant, inspiring and so helpful.....I really appreciate you giving up your Saturday morning to share with us all. I have already... Read More

    Dave Parker

  • This email is my great chance to THANK YOU for these two fantastic years you have being my coach, I can't put into words how much you have helped me grow as a man, as a father to my beautiful girls bu... Read More

    Dwight Horiuchi

  • Hi Todd. Today was probably the one most important learning experiences I had since signing up with PRE 6 or so years ago. Wayne and I just spent the last 5 hours (no kidding, not getting up off th... Read More

    Beata & Wayne

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“There are 86,400 seconds in each and every day. Are you spending or investing yours?” - Todd Polke

“Be willing in any moment to sacrifice who you are for who you are going to be.” - Todd Polke

“You are the architect of your own life and have the power to design and create any result to which you are committed.” - Todd Polke

“There is no one else like you in the world, you are unique, you are gifted and you are a genius and that is something special.” - Todd Polke

More About Todd
  • “Success is not the one giant happening. It is the makeup of the small seemingly insignificant actions you take on a daily basis moving towards your outcome.”
    – Todd Polke

  • “The only way to succeed in life is to play life by your rules and not by someone else’s.”
    – Todd Polke

  • “You will never create wealth on the outside world until you become wealthy on your inside world first.”
    – Todd Polke

  • “ Time is our most valuable asset. Are you investing or spending yours?”
    – Todd Polke

  • “ Success is not about what you get, it is about who you become.”
    – Todd Polke

  • “Be willing to leave your old life behind you, to make way for the new life you are creating.”
    – Todd Polke

  • “Who do you need to be in order to live how you want to live?.”
    – Todd Polke

  • “Set up your life doing what you love and you will never work another day.”
    – Todd Polke

  • “Money is not the reason. Money is simply a tool to free yourself.”
    – Todd Polke

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Todd provides one-on-one coaching, practical workshops, and keynote talks to help professionals of all ages achieve their own versions of a wealthy lifestyle.By drawing on his vault of knowledge in business, personal growth, wealth psychology and investment strategy, Todd is helping people just like you generate more wealth to support your highest values in life.